World Pneumonia Day: SAANS program held in Kargil

By Reach Ladakh Correspondent Kargil, Nov 12, 2022
Kargil :

Observing World Pneumonia Day, a one-day orientation program on Social Awareness and Actions to Neutralize Pneumonia Successfully (SAANS) was organised by Block Medical Officer (BMO) Kargil on November 12 at the training hall CMO office, Kargil.

Executive Councilor for Health Mohsin Ali congratulated the whole team for participating in the program and for providing their 100 percent to tackle different diseases including pneumonia.

He said under SAANS, the government is targeting a reduction in pneumonia-caused deaths by 2025 to less than 3 out of 1000 live births. He stressed that a similar initiative should be taken by Health Department Kargil so that the infant mortality rate is reduced. 

Appreciating the stakeholders for organising the awareness program, he said the health campaign mobilizes people to protect children from pneumonia and train personnel and other stakeholders to provide prioritized treatment to control the disease.

Deputy CMO, Dr. Muhammad Abbas talked about the initiatives taken by the health department to tackle pneumonia and other diseases. He said the program aims to decrease the infant mortality rate with the help of health departments including ASHA Workers, Anganwadi workers, etc.

 He further talked about the importance of the program in tackling pneumonia adding that childhood pneumonia continues to be the topmost infectious killer among under-five children.

He said on the occasion of World Pneumonia Day, the aim of all health departments should aim to accelerate the action against childhood pneumonia by generating awareness on protection, prevention, and treatment aspects and enhancing early identification and care-seeking behaviors among parents and caregivers.

BMO Dr. Fatima said the SAANS campaign will ensure health system strengthening and community awareness towards childhood pneumonia.

She requested the health department and general public to extend their cooperation to ANMs and ASHAs for the early identification of cases of childhood pneumonia and early management of pneumonia in under-five children.

SAANS Initiative was launched on 16th November 2019 to accelerate action to reduce deaths due to Childhood Pneumonia. SAANS Campaign is rolled out in the States/ UTs every year to accelerate action against Childhood Pneumonia by generating awareness around protection, prevention, and treatment aspects of Childhood Pneumonia and to enhance early identification and care-seeking behaviors among parents and caregivers.