Workshop on implementation of Mission Organic Development Initiative scheme held Emphasizes sustainable agriculture practices, balancing economic growth and environmental protection

By Reach Ladakh Correspondent Leh, May 08, 2023
During the workshop-cum-brainstorming session on Mission Organic Development Initiative (MODI).
Leh :

A day-long workshop-cum-brainstorming session to review the progress and status of the Mission Organic Development Initiative (MODI) was organised by the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture, LAHDC Leh on May 6 at the DC Office conference hall.

The meeting was chaired by Chairman/CEC, LAHDC Leh, Tashi Gyalson.

EC Agriculture, Stanzin Chosphel informed that the workshop aimed to provide a platform for open and constructive dialogue among the stakeholders, creating an opportunity to collaborate and work towards the common goal of making Ladakh a certified organic UT. He also informed that the workshop was a follow-up session to strengthen the organic farming/sustainable agriculture system that excludes the use of synthetic inputs in farming and relies on on-farm inputs such as crop residues, farmyard manure, enriched composts, vermicompost, etc., for nutrient management of crops.

The participants from various research institutes including DIHAR-DRDO, SKUAST-K, LEHO, GB PANT, LEDeG, TATA Trust, NABARD, etc., shared their valuable insights on the Mission Organic Development Initiative (MODI) in Ladakh. They presented their research findings and experiences in the field of agriculture and its allied sectors, focusing on sustainable practices and organic farming.

Head of departments also shared their progress on various projects which have been executed in line with the implementation of the MODI scheme in Ladakh and discussed the challenges faced and the potential opportunities that can be explored for the growth of the agriculture sector in the region.

CEC Tashi Gyalson appreciated the contribution from the stakeholders and urged them to work inclusively to achieve the vision together. He highlighted the importance of promoting sustainable agriculture practices and creating a balance between economic growth and environmental protection. Emphasized was made on the need to adopt eco-friendly farming techniques and conserve natural resources to achieve sustainable agricultural practices in Ladakh.
CEC Gyalson also suggested creating a platform for regular interactions among the stakeholders to exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices to promote sustainable agriculture practices in Ladakh. He assured the stakeholders that the LAHDC Leh will provide all necessary support to promote sustainable agriculture practices and create a conducive environment for the growth of the agriculture sector in Ladakh.

It was also informed that the feedback provided by the stakeholders will be used to review and redraft the MODI scheme for Ladakh, ensuring that it addresses the challenges and shortcomings faced by the farmers in the region to date.

EC Horticulture/Forest, Ghulam Mehdi, stressed the importance of ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation. He further emphasized the need for scientific research and development in agriculture and its allied sector and urged all the stakeholders to collaborate and promote innovation in the field of agriculture. He also emphasized the need for creating a sustainable value chain in agriculture and its allied sectors and to provide a good market, especially for the farmers.

EC RDD Tashi Namgyal Yakzee stresses several points like organic certification shouldn't be confined to revenue villages but also includes hamlet to transform them into certified organic productions hub. Armed with organic certification these hitherto unexplored areas will have direct access to the emerging organic food market of the country.

Director DIHAR Leh, Director NISR Leh, Director Horticulture Ladakh, Associate Director SKUAST-K Leh, SE I&FC Division Leh, Chief Agriculture Officer Leh, DSHO Leh, CAHO Leh, DAO Leh, DHO Leh, BDO Leh,  Xen and AEE of I&FC Division Leh, AEE PHE Division Leh, Range Officer Forest Department Leh, Head CAZRI Leh, DDM NABARD Leh, Scientists and representatives from research institutes including DIHAR, GB PANT, LEHO, LNP, LEDeG, Secure Himalaya UNDP, Tata Trust attended the day-long meeting.