Three-day youth summer camp held at Tserkarmo Monastery, Tingmosgang

By Reach Ladakh Correspondent TINGMOSGANG, Sep 20, 2016

As part of creating awareness on Buddhism, a three-day youth summer camp was held at Drikung Kagyu Tserkarmo monastery from August 26 to 28 in which 200 students attended the camp including students from Khaltse  and Tingmosgang School.
The resource persons for the workshop were Venerable Khenpo Konchok Rangdol , Ven. Khenpo Konchok Rangdol, Ven. Shanta Kumar and  DIG Dorjai Skaratpa .

DIG Dorjai Skaratpa spoke about the importance of Dharma practice in our daily lives which was followed by a question and answer session.

Ven. Khenpo Konchok Rangdol spoke about the view and action about Buddhism, followed by discussions among the participants.
While, Ven. Khenpo Konchok Tamphel spoke about Samata meditation and discussions among the participants.

On the second day, the first session was led by Ven. Khenpo Konchok Temphel and he spoke about Insight Meditation. Khenpo Konchok Rangdol taught the participants about Seven Branch Prayers.

The third session was led by Ven. Shanta Kumar and he taught about the importance of Yoga practice and showed some Yoga exercises. Ven.Khenpo Konchok Rangdol taught at length about the Seven Branch Prayers.
The participants requested them to organise this kind of workshop in future also.

Lastly, delegates from various societies offered Khataks to monastery staff expressing gratitude for organising such wonderful programs.
At the end, the vote of thanks was presented by Ven. Khenpo Rangdol.