Principal Secretary, IT Dept Ladakh reviews preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for prevention of cyber attacks

By Reach Ladakh Correspondent Leh, Nov 25, 2022
Leh :

Principal Secretary, IT Dept Ladakh, Sanjeev Khirwar reviewed the preparation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the prevention of cyber-attacks during a meeting with the concerned officials on November 24.

Principal Secretary emphasized the importance of cyber security and the need for robust strategies for the prevention of cyber-attack, cyber-crime, and cyber threats. He informed that the Information Technology Department has framed out SOP which mostly pertains to cyber hygiene in Government offices and SOP for complete threat perception required for 360-degree prevention of cyber-attacks in UT Ladakh.

The Principal Secretary stated that the MeitY has also made SOP which is mostly related to cyber hygiene to prevent attacks on the systems of Governments. ‘We need a strong framework in the cyber security of UT Ladakh for the prevention of cyber-attacks as our neighbouring countries can easily access our data by various mechanisms.’ he said.

The Principal Secretary mentioned that when the State Data Centre will come up in UT Ladakh then all applications will be hosted there and that will be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. ‘We have to make a full proof mechanism likewise J&K State Data Centre is following and have to get the certificate from the Government of India for the vulnerability/cyber threat when Ladakh State Data Centre comes up in Ladakh.’ he exhorted.
Deputy Inspector General (DIG) informed the meeting that for the security of the Police Network, they have hired the consultancy firm KPMG. Ladakh police shall be submitting this document to the NFSU (National Forensic Sciences University). The Principal Secretary IT, asked the Deputy Superintendent of Police to share the document prepared by KPMG with the IT Department UT Ladakh so that the current status in terms of cyber security and threats can be ascertained.
Deputy Inspector General (DIG) also informed that as per MHA guidelines all the departments/institutions which have sensitive data have to get audited by the NFSU. Principal Secretary asked him to provide a copy of the same guideline of MHA so that UT Administration also approaches the NFSU for a security audit.
The Commissioner Secretary, GAD, Ajeet Kumar Sahu suggested that a preventative mechanism /SOP should be created based on three things, first on the guidelines for Government employees and citizens, second for the Institutional mechanism if any cybercrime happens and third on the future cyber strategy.
The Principal Secretary said that as per IT act, there is a provision for CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) in each State / UT. DIG, Police suggested that any professional/experienced CISO should be nominated/hired for the entire UT.
The Principal Secretary asked the Ladakh Police, NIC and IT department to find a government agency that can prepare the cyber security document on a nomination basis and as per its suggestions, a PMU or a consultant through the NICSI can be appointed. DIG, Police was urged to explore the possibility that consultant agency KPMG which is onboarded by Ladakh Police can make an initial document for the entire UT.
The meeting was attended by Principal Secretary, IT Department Ladakh, Sanjeev Kjirwar; Commissioner/ Secretary, GAD, Ladakh, Ajeet Kumar Sahu; Deputy Inspector General, Ladakh Police, S.J. Mahmood; District Informatics Officer, NIC, Leh, Punchok Paldan; Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nilza Angmo (JKPS); IT Consultant, IT Department, Ladakh, Kumar Amit and other concerned officials.