Leh Eliezer Joldan Memorial College students stage protest over delay in exams Alleged negligence of Kashmir University

By Stanzin Dasal LEH, Apr 05, 2017
Students of Eliezer Joldan Memorial College protested and put the traffic on halt demanding timely conduct of the semester examination on March 18 in Leh.  The students have alleged that the Kashmir University has failed to conduct examination since their enrollment in college and is running late by one year.

The student express anguish over the callous attitude of the university and concerned people who have not conducted examination on time leading to the loss of one-year in the academic session. The students said, “If it continues like this, then the three-year degree will take us to complete in over six years to complete.”

The irony part is Eliezer Joldan Memorial College; the soul college of Leh district has somehow failed to meet up the student and parent’s expectation and dreams.

Student Organization of Unified Ladakh, President Tsewang Chosdon said, “Generally students complete graduation in 3 years but we haven’t take the exam of the 1st semester only since our enrollment. We are facing huge difficulties and are a big matter of concern, thus compelling us to protest and come on the roads.”

Expressing the angst over the failure of Kashmir University to conduct the examination, she further appealed the concern leaders and department to initiate and work for the timely conduct of the exams.

“From one year we are waiting for the examination and every time the department and the CEC have assured that they are working on it. We have already waited for so long and want immediate action on it as we can’t let our years and life to get spoil”, she added.
Student’s demands for college affiliation under Jammu University as the Kashmir University always have an excuse and issues.

One of the students said, “everyone promises quality and better education system and is always seen talking about studying in our own region. Are the facilities and education system are at that mark in the only college of Leh district?”

A student of the first year, Kunzang said, “When asked about the date of the examination, the Kashmir University has responded that it will be held after the opening of the national highway.”  

When food materials can be lifted from airways then why can’t they sent our stationeries from airways also?”

Rubina Kosar said, “Students of Kashmir have already appeared in 1st Semester examination and we are still waiting, which is a big discrimination. There is always an issue and problem in Kashmir and we face the consequences. A proper solution is needed for the future generation also.”

According to the College Principal Prof Dr. GS Rakwal, the examination was scheduled to be held in August 2016 but was postponed in November due to turmoil in the valley.

Students of Srinagar have appeared the first-semester examination in November. The university assured to conduct an examination in Ladakh region tentatively in March. This was because the road was closed and the examination stationeries have to be transported by road. 
Terming the demands of the student genuine, the Principal said, “Normally the student should be taking the 3rd-semester examination by this time but not even the first-semester examination have been conducted.”

CEC Dr. Sonam Dawa spoke to Vice Chancellor of the University regarding the matter for which they have assured to conduct the examination at the earliest.

Around 900 students are presently studying in the EJM College who along with the major issues regarding examination also complains about the limited choice of subject, lack of permanent faculty and unavailability of study materials.