Five Leh-based NGOs celebrate World Environment Day at Pangong

By Rinchen Angmo Chumikchan DURBUK, Jun 14, 2016
The World Environment Day was celebrated by various organisations at Pangong. It is observed annually on June 5 by the United Nations to stimulate worldwide awareness of environment issues.

Women Alliance of Ladakh (WAL) Ladakh Amchi Sabha, (LAS), Ladakh Environment and Health Organization, (LEHO), Ladakh Ecological Development Group (LEDeG) and Students Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh (SECMOL) with support from a Swedish Based organization Framtidsjorden(Future Earth) in partnership with  local based NGOs namely “Go Green-Go Organic and Dayang Tsogspa and the 14 Rajput /114 INF  brigade join hands with the residents of Durbuk sub division. 

The event was aimed at making the local people, tourists and all those involved directly or indirectly in tourism trade on the importance of conserving the diverse eco-system and the rich flora and fauna surrounding the area, waste management and the negative impacts of dumping in open areas. 

Over 500 Schools Children of Central Residential School, Tharuk and 12 schools across Durbuk sub-division participated in the event.. 

The celebration began with the screening of documentary film for the children of Centralized Residential School, Tharuk on various themes related to the environment including harnessing renewable energy sources as an environmental friendly and   sustainable future energy source for various applications. More than three hundred children and school personnel participated. 
Children carrying billboards, banners and flags with slogans and messages on the environment, biodiversity, sustainable farming practices, safe food and  the like marched through the length of Tangtse village and the market from where they  headed for Pangong in buses. 

At Lukung, Pangong the children were received by the 14 Rajput of Indian. The National flag was hoisted, followed by playing of the national anthem by the band of school children. Children were addressed by senior teachers, Army officers and Executive Director, LEDeG on the emerging threats to the ecological health of the region in particular and the world in general and the need for living in harmony with nature.  
Children took firm commitments to take all out sustained measures to secure the pristine environment and scenic beauty of the region.
The  touristic spots along the bank of Pangong Lake from Lukung to Spangmik a stretch of about 10 Kms was also clean-up. 

Pangong lake invites a huge number of tourists generating volumes of solid waste: bio-degradable as well as the non-bio-degradable composition of which is becoming more and more diversified with the steady annual increase of tourists. Many tourists, as well as tour operators, hotelier, restaurateurs, and taxi drivers tend to dispose wastes on roadsides, in the lake and in the open. 

Children collected solid wastes strewn across the lake bank like plastic bottles, chips and biscuit wrappers, empty plastic and tin containers. Army had provided a dumper to ferry the collected wastes for disposal at designated sites. The drive continues till 2 PM. 
Cultural programmes, speeches, and skits on various thematic issues concerning local and global environment, conservation issues was also presented on the occasion. 
Later, the children took a firm resolve to work towards seeking local co-operation and initiatives and for creating a platform to bring all the stakeholders together to jointly analysis the problems and obstacles relating to making the surrounding environment safe and for safeguarding the ecologically fragile tourist’s spots like Pangong and Tsomoriri lakes and high passes.