Election 2024: Leh DEO calls for voter inclusivity, digital efficiency

By Reach Ladakh Correspondent Leh, Apr 19, 2024
Leh :

In view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024, District Election Officer/ Deputy Commissioner, Leh, Santosh Sukhadeve organised training for Booth Level Officers (BLOs) of district Leh at Sindhu Sanskrit Kendra (SSK), Leh on April 17.

DC Leh talked about the importance of BLOs and how they play a pivotal role in steering the entire process on the ground. He added that BLOs are at the forefront of the election machinery, interact with eligible citizens facilitate their registration and also educate them on how to avail of optional home voting facility.

He spoke about the various roles of BLOs which include publicity regarding the postal ballot, distribution of form 12-D to the essential category voters and ensuring that the receipt of such forms within 5 days from the date of notification of elections which the sector officers will supervise. He further informed that the voter assistance booth is set up at every polling station having a team of BLOs to facilitate the voters.

He lauded them for doing their job fairly so far and expected the same amount of dedication in the future. As the theme of this year's election is 'no voter to be left behind', he brought to attention the low voter turnout in Leh district and wants to ensure maximum participation which is why absentee voters are targeted.

Absentee voters are defined as a person who are employed in essential services and also include electors belonging to the class of senior citizen (AVSC) who is defined as any elector under 85 years of age or person with disability (AVPD) who is defined as persons having benchmark disability certificate (not less than 40% of a specified disability) and covid 19 suspect/ affected (AVCO) who are any elector hospitalised because of covid 19 at the time of elections.

Additionally, he informed that as the process has been made digital now, it is easier to ensure the smooth functioning of the election, so it is important not to miss a single house during house-to-house verification.

He concluded by stressing that the election period is vital and there shouldn’t be any scope for mistakes. He added that observers from national and international might be coming to cover the election so ensure that there is no margin for error as there could be grave consequences for that.