EC, Konchok Stanzin visits Durbuk and Nyoma subdivisions

By Reach Ladakh Correspondent Changthang, Jul 07, 2020
EC, Konchok Stanzin along with Councillor Tangtse, Tashi Namgyal during his visit to Changthang region.
Changthang :

Executive Councillor, Animal and sheep husbandry Konchok Stanzin conducted a six-day extensive tour of Durbuk and Nyoma Sub Division.

He visited Durbuk, Relay, Pun-Pun, Burma, Khherapulu, Satoo, Chibra, Irth, Chilam, Pholonglay, Shachukul, Tharuk, Tangtse, Muklab, Phobrang, Spangmik, Maan, Merak, Khaktet, Chushul, Tsaga, Kuyul, Dungti, Muth, Nider, Nyoma, Rongo, Bukshado, Khaldo, Chumur, Tagazong, Korzok, Sumdho, Angkung, Rina and Zara villages.

Councillor Nyoma, Thupstan Wangchuk; Councillor Tangtse, Tashi Namgyal, DSHO, Leh, and other concerned officers were also present.

During his visit, incentives under Pashmina Wool Development Scheme (PWDS) (portable nomadic tents, snow boots, and solar LED lights and looms to the beneficiaries who are dependent on livestock were distributed. It was informed that the population of Sheep/Goat in Durbuk subdivision increased by 8 % increase while in the Nyoma subdivision it is increased by 6.5%. 

To boost the income of nomads by introducing new value addition methods in Changthang area, Konchok Stanzin assured people that in the coming day's Hill Council will facilitate nomads with shredding, cheese, and curd-making machines. 

He also assured to address all the issues and demands of the people in the coming days.