Divisional Commissioner assesses disaster preparedness in Ladakh

By Reach Ladakh Correspondent Leh, Jun 26, 2020
Divisional Commissioner, Saugat Biswas along with official reviewing the disaster preparedness in Ladakh.
Leh :

To assess the preparedness of different departments of both the district in handling natural calamities, a review meeting was convened by Saugat Biswas, Divisional Commissioner/Secretary, Disaster Management, Ladakh on June 26.

Saugat Biswas stressed on the fact of building the infrastructure of each department/entity of Ladakh to empower themselves fully for meeting the various disasters that may strike Ladakh.

He directed various departments to ensure the availability of all equipment and machines in Ladakh and proper placement. The direction was also given for proper maintenance of all the equipment for its application at any given point of time. Also, he asked for proper planning to ensure the de-silting of canals and nallahs for the free flow of water before any emergency. 
IGP Ladakh, Satish Khandare suggested decentralized deployment of stocks of SDRF equipment in places nearby police stations, to ensure proper stocking of the machines and equipment. Stress was also given for enhancement of manpower and their training by NDRF for proper hands-on expertise. 

Saugat Biswas instructed both the District Magistrates for a decentralized plan for placement of equipment and earmarking of accessible locations for their placement. He then requested the Army/ VIJAYAK/HIMANK to share disaster mapping in road clearance. 

The Mechanical Division was instructed to provide a list of required machinery keeping the variant nature of disaster in the form of flash-flood and mud flood, full of mud, sand & stone debris.
Observing the larger number of requirements of machinery and plant equipment by I&FC, Saugat Biswas gave directions to submit a proposal for the requirement of tentage/ manpower/plant equipment/ dozer and others as per the requirements of the department.
Regarding facilitating clean drinking water, the PHE department was directed to identify sites of probable water blockage to provide clean water through water-tankers during the time of emergency.

The Medical Departments of both the districts were instructed to prepare a list of buildings that can be converted into temporary hospitals in the time of a disaster. Relocation plan of equipment and manpower up to PHC level must also be intimidated, he added. 

The department demanded helipads and 4-wheeler vehicle for an ambulance.
A power-point presentation titled, ‘ Past Experiences - future preparedness’ was also presented which gave a re-look at the flash-floods/ Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF)/ Landslide Lake Outburst Flood (LLOF) in Ladakh, their impact, losses, failures for future preparedness. It also highlighted various workshops and awareness camps conducted by SDRF/Civil Defense/Home Guard in the affected areas to aware people of do's and dont's during an emergency.