Thiksay monastery celebrates Galden Namchot, appoints new discipline master

By Nawang Palkit THIKSEY, Dec 31, 2016
To ensure monastic discipline, Stanzin Chostak was appointed as monastery discipline master (Chos trim pa) along with the celebration of Galdan Namchot (birth and death anniversary of Lama Tsongkapa) on November 23 at Thiksay monastery. 

Galdan Namchot is marked on 25th of the 10th month of Tibetan lunar calendar.

On the occasion, ‘The Great Law of Thanka’ written by 5th Dalai Lama Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso was passed by the former discipline master to newly appointed discipline master. He took a vow in the monastery to perform his responsibility to the best of his ability with loyalty and commitment to the protection and promotion of Law and discipline in the monastery during one year of his possession. 

Abbot Khanpo Rinpoche is the head of the monastery followed by chanting master (Omzat) and discipline master (Chos trim pa).

Nawang Kunphel, Lama of Thiksay monastery said, “The post of discipline master is one of the responsible posts in the monastery. Each monastery has different rules regarding the appointment of discipline master. However, in Thiksay it is appointed on turn basis for the tenure of one year.”

Talking about the celebration and importance of Galdan Namchot, he said that the day is celebrated in most of the Buddhist Himalayan belt. 

The day marks the birth and death anniversary of Lama Losang Drakpa also known as Tsongkhapa. He was born in 1357 and passed away on 1419 on 25th of the 10th month of Tibetan lunar calendar. Jangsem Sherab Zangpo disciples of Lama Tsongkhapa was one of the great contributors to the Tibetan Buddhism and spread the teaching of Gelukpa School of thoughts in Himalayan belt.