Main teaching of Rigsum Chewang at Jivetsal

By Padma Angmo Shey, Jul 11, 2015
Shey :
 His Holiness the 41st Sakya Trizin, the head of the Sakya lineage, showered blessing to the people of Ladakh at glorious place Jivetsal, Shey on 1st July. Thousands of devotees from all parts of Ladakh congregated to receive his teachings and blessings. 

The second-day morning started with the recitation of mantra. HH Sakya Rinpoche imparted the main teaching of Rigsum Chewang ‘the Empowerment of Three Buddha Families Avalokiteshvara- the bodhisattva of compassion, Manjushri- the bodhisattva of wisdom and Vajrapani- the prototype of all wrathful deities.

His Holiness preaches about ‘Yanglag Dunpa’. In context with that the first is (Digpa Shaks Pe Yanglag) to repent one’s own sin and faults. Be it in this life or in past everyone has done wrong. It doesn’t matter how big or small the sin was the prime important is to realize the sin and apologize for it.  The ways to regret for the sin are, to realize heartily for the sin is one way to repent. To make yourself understand or to determine that it shouldn’t happen in future no matter what the situation will be. 

Second is (Jes Su en-rag Yanglag) to follow the path of Buddha and to avoid pride and prejudice, anger and hatred. 

Third is (Ton tam Changchup ki Yanglag) means the teaching of Buddha is chos. It is very important to understand the preaching in the real sense. (Chos) in Sanskrit is known as Dharma which has different meaning. Despite knowing all the facts, whatever related matters we find it is categorized into Chos. Thus, knowing all the facts and the true meaning of Chos is to analyze yourself.  Meditating and analyzing the inner feelings is important to understand the third Yanglag.
Skyabdo, the fourth yang lag is the basic root of all Chos. External and Internal difference is divided on the base of Skyabdo. If we are born in the Buddhist family that doesn’t mean that we become Buddhist naturally. One becomes the real Buddhist when he/she truly follows the teaching of Buddha and the one who knows Skyabdo very well. 

Fifth is (Ngonpa Changchub ki Yanglag) means that every living creature on this earth are born as our mother that’s why we pay respect for them and pray for their happiness and to grow  love, compassion and kindness for them. 

Sixth is (Gugpa Changchub ki Yanglag) we also have to practice this yang lag. The Buddha who is enlightened one and the future Buddha who all know one, taking the example of them we have to follow the teachings and path guided by the Buddha in order to make our life more meaningful and with some purpose. And the last is the (Ngovay yang lag), the seventh yang lag, means cultivating good deeds.  Cultivating good deeds is important to lead and have a happy fruitful life. 

During the teaching ceremony, religious rituals were also performed by the monks of the different monastery of Ladakh. Various association and societies worked enthusiastically to make the grand event successful. 

At last, the devotees gets blessing from His Holiness individually.