His Holiness Dalai Lama showered Long life empowerment in Leh

By Stanzin Desal SHEY, Aug 03, 2015
His Holiness Dalai Lama gave long life empowerment and eight verses for training the mind (Lhojung Tsig rGyad Ma) to the people of Ladakh on 30th July at Jivetsal Photang, Shey.  The holy ground was filled with thousands of devotees.

His Holiness greeted the people gathered from far and wide for the White Tara empowerment.  Before the teaching, a debate was carried on between the monks.

His Holiness preaches the devotees on how to calm our minds and to achieve develop peace of mind.   His Holiness states that every human being want peace and satisfaction, nobody wants to live the life of miserable.   The rise of progress and materialistic world is because of the special quality of intelligence and ability in Human Being.

His Holiness said that the immense development of infrastructure and technology has made a huge difference in our lives.  With all these developments and better lifestyle the question of being real happy comes.   If all this change is making a huge impact and brings happiness in this life than the happiest person in this world should be the developed countries. But that is not the fact. Many of us still face a great deal of misery and restlessness. Science showed that that negative emotions like fear, anger and anxiety cause our immune systems to decline, whereas positive emotions like love, compassion and concern for others actually improve our physical well-being. 

 He said, "I'm not talking about anything to do with religion here, but about practical concerns that have a bearing on our day to day lives. The change and development of the mind become very important. There is a growing consensus today that our education systems are too focused on material development with little room for the inner values."

His Holiness said that the contents of the Buddhist scripture can be categorized into three sections: Psychology, philosophy and religion. Psychology and philosophy can understands and practiced universally because it is based on facts, logic and scientific observation. The religious category is only of interest to Buddhists.

His Holiness talked about the deeds and noted the Four Noble Truth of the Buddha's teaching, the truths of suffering, its cause, its cessation and the path to that. 

 Desire hatred and ignorance are the three emotions which disturb the peace of mind and bring suffering.  To eradicate this use of intelligence and wisdom is needed.  Analyzing what we studied and learn is important to make our understanding complete and later concentrating and thinking we will gain the confidence.

His Holiness gave the reading transmission of the praises of 17 great masters of Nalanda. He also read the 'Eight Verses for Training the Mind' and gave the empowerment of White Tara focused on longevity.

Galden Tri Rinpoche, Thiksay Rinpoche, Togden Rinpoche, Bakula Rinpoche and Chogon Rinpoche made the mandala offering to His Holiness.

Tenshug offering for the Long Life of His Holiness was made by the locals, leaders and representatives from the Sunni and Shia Muslim communities and the Christian community. 

His Holiness added that alcohol consumption is a serious growing social and health problem. He remarked consumption of alcohol does not benefit anything.  Bringing into consent, His Holiness urges and encouraged to donate organs to the needy patients. The real way of benefitting others is to donate the organ. 

His Holiness offered to give an edition of the Tengyur (the commentaries on the teaching of Buddha), to the Chowkhang Vihara, Leh.  He urges and stresses on the recital of the script in due course so that in future the Chowkhang Vihara will become a library or centre of learning for everyone.