Hafta-e-Wahdat (Eid Milad-un-Nabi) celebrated in Leh

By Fatima Ashraf Barcha Leh, Jan 15, 2015
Leh :
Hafta-e-Wahdat (Week of Unity) began with the celebration of Eid Milad-un-Nabi on 4th January at Jama Masjid Leh, organized by Anjuman Moin-ul-Islam Leh. The Muslim community from in and around Leh had gathered to celebrate the birthday of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

The Eid celebration began with a procession where in the people walked from Balkhang Chowk to Jama Masjid Leh symbolizing the concept of unity, which was the main message and motive of the event. 

Presenting the welcome speech, Haji Ghulam Rasool, the acting President of Anjuman Moin-ul- Islam congratulated all Muslims on this occasion and highlighted about the significance of the day.

Sheikh Ghulam Hadi Phyang, spoke of the Prophet as the real Messenger of Allah. He advised people to follow the footsteps of the Messenger i.e. to become a good human at heart and in deeds. The occasion had the presence of other dignitaries like Anjuman-e- Imamiya Leh President Ashraf Ali Barcha; Anjuman-e- Sofia Noorbakshi President, who also addressed on the occasion.
Maulana Omar Nadvi, the chief guest of the occasion said that our children (boy or girl) must be taught the religious teaching but they should also keep in touch with the modern growing technologies and education. 

Cleanliness drive by Muslim Coordination Committee 
Following the teachings of Islam, a cleanliness drive was organized by the Ladakh Muslim Coordination Committee on 7th January. The event had the presence of Anjuman Imamia President Ashraf Ali Barcha, Anjuman Moin-ul Islam acting president Haji Gulam Rasool Lassu and Anjuman Sofia Noorbakshi President Ghulam Hassan. The community Presidents addressed the people present and appreciated the work being done, as this represented the unity of the Muslim communities working together for a noble cause, which is the true message of the Hafata-e Wahdat. Around 300 people participated in this drive from different parts of Leh district. The area that was cleaned was graveyard (Kabristan) Leh. The same day some volunteers carried a small community service at SNM hospital Leh, where they served refreshments to patients and the hospital staff.

Concluding day of Hafta-e-wahadat celebrated at Imam Bargah Chushot Yogma

On 9th January Eid Milad-un-Nabi was celebrated and  Hafta-e Wahdat was concluded at Imam Bargha Chushot Yogma. It was organized by Anjuman Imamia (Youth Wing) Leh. Al Haj Sheikh Gulam Hadi, President Majlis-e-Ullama was the chief guest of the occasion who spoke about the life of Prophet and highlighted that one must follow his footsteps.

Other dignitaries present on the occasion were Haji Ghulam Rasool, the acting President of Anjuman-e-Moinul Islam who in his speech highlighted the importance of educating girls, which Islam as a religion fully supports. Sheikh Mohammad Raza addressing the people spoke about the concept of unity in view of the holy Quran. Ashraf Ali Barcha, President Anjuman-e- Imamiya , Aga Sayyed Zayed Ali Razvi and Akhon Abbas Imam-e-Juma Nookbakshia also spoke on the occasion. They all talked of different aspects of Prophet’s life and his teachings adhering to the holy Quran. 

Students of Imamia Model School and Imamia Mission School made the event livelier with their naat-e-sharif performances.

The vote of thanks was given by Muzaffar Hussain Barcha, President Anjuman-e- Imamiya (Youth Wing) Leh. 

Eid Milad-un-Nabi observed at Phyang

On 8th January the Hussainy Youth Association organized the birth celebration of Prophet Mohammad at Imama Bargha Phyang, Al Haj Sheikh Gulam Hadi, President Majlis-e-Ullama was the chief guest of the occasion, 

A large number of people of Muslim community had gathered on the occassion. The celebratory gathering began with recitation of the holy Quran. The speakers’ presents on the occasion threw light on the life of the Prophet.

Al Haj Sheikh Ghulam Hadi, took references from Quran and hadis and advised the people to apply the teachings into everyday life. He also appreciated Moinul Quran Wal Itrat for having propagated religious teachings for both boys and girls in Phyang.

What is Hafta-e-Wahdat?

The Shia and the Sunni Community around the world celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on different dates. According to the Islamic calendar, Sunnis commemorate the day on 12th Rabi’ al-awwal (The third month in the Hijri calendar) and Shias on the 17th Rabi’ al-awwal. So in order to unite the Muslims around the world and to see each other as followers of Islam, Imam Khomeni(r.a) stated that the days between the two dates the Muslims must cast aside their sectarian disputes and unite to celebrate the whole week as Hafta-e-Wahdat (Week of Unity). They must work together hand in hand and do services that serve the humanity and spread the message of brotherhood.