In Conversation with Jigmet Dewa Lhamo, Artist

Nov 29, 2018
Q. Tell us about your journey in acting for the film ‘Chuskit’?
I played the lead character with paraplegia in the film ‘Chuskit’. In an International Film Festival in Santiago, Chile, I have been awarded the ‘Best Young Actress’ award for the performance in the movie.
Q. How do you feel after you being recognised for the work that you have done so remarkably? 
I never thought that I will receive the award for the best child actress. I was overwhelmed to receive the title and thankful to my parents as well as my school ‘Druk Padma Karpo’ for giving me this opportunity. I feel so lucky to meet people like Priya Ramasubban the Director, Shruti, Stanzin Dorjai Gya and Tsetan Angchuk. I will always be very grateful to them for helping me to live my dreams. 
Q. How did you get selected for the movie?
I was extremely absorbed in singing and dancing from a very young age.  One fine day my mother took me for an audition and luckily, I was selected. I feel so fortunate to have the support of my family in all the fields that I prefer. After acting in this film and receiving an award for the same, my interest in acting has developed more. The movie was shot in the month of September 2017 and took us one month and 5 days to wrap up the shooting. 
We had workshops wherein demonstration about acting skills were given which made a lot simpler for me to express well in the movie.
Q. How easy or difficult was the entire process of shooting? Did you hesitate while facing the cameras? 
This was the first time when I had to face the cameras. I got really scared but my mentors have encouraged me and backed me throughout the shooting. Now, the dread has completely taken a rear seat. 
Though the shooting was easy, but during the emotional scenes, tears had to roll down my cheeks that were a little difficult and unusual for me.
Q. What have you picked up from the film? 
We do not get everything so easily, hard work is a must. I have bagged abundance of knowledge and so far, I have developed enough confidence in acting.
Q. In future will you be interested in choosing your profession as an actor? Do you think others should also participate? 
I will not say acting is good or bad to choose as a career but acting is not my career, my aim is to become either a Photographer or a Pilot. Yes, acting does play an important role in my life and rather than playing games I would love to do acting. 
For others interested in acting should not hesitate in choosing acting as a career because we learn a lot of things.
Q. In our society one is always encouraged to study and give less importance to other activities. Do you think the young child should be encouraged to take part in other activities too? 
Education is the most important part of life but having focus only on academic education should not be the case. Co-curricular activities are also important in schools. One should be made to participate in different activities to nourish the hidden talents. The gifted talent should not be wasted and instead one should continue to polish more and be a perfectionist. Many have the attitude of not sharing experiences which should not be the case.  We must pass our own talent so that others may also get an opportunity. 
Q. What was the film about? Where was the movie filmed?
The film is based on a story of a young girl, whose dream of going to school is tragically shattered by a mishap that leads to paraplegic. Despite being confined to life between the four walls with a company of her grandfather, she still dreams of going to school. Though her grandfather does not allow her but with the support of her father and brother she completes her schooling. 
The movie was shot in the village of Sakti and Phey. 
Message to the readers
“Each one has a right to go to school and get an education. The disability must not be represented as an obstacle to learning. There is no word called impossible the word it selves say that I am possible. Also, when you get recognized for your work, deal with it very calmly instead of boasting around.”