Phyang Constituency

By Rinchen Angmo Chumikchan & Stanzin Dasal Leh, Sep 02, 2016
Leh :
Phuntsog Dorjay, Councillor: Delimitation of the constituency is the first and the foremost thing that I will work on. Phyang constituency is very big and it covers many areas like Saboo, Palam, Choglamsar, T-Gatsal, Sonam Barmaling, Tashi Thongmon, KharnakLing, Spituk, Urgainling, Phey, Phyang, Chusgo Phyang and Phyang Fulang. 
Choglamsar serves as a host to the significant migrant population. The problem faced in the area is draining of nallah, stray dog menace, parking facility and lack of garbage management near Choglamsar zampa. Drinking water problem and electricity are also the highlighted issues.  
In the review meeting, I have raised the issue of stray dog menace. Soon the department will organise a drive to sterilise the dog.  To curb this problem, we will be bringing together the doctors from many parts and probably the doctors from Kargil will also join. We are planning to take help from the Army also. 
Stray dog menace is not only a problem of few areas but is being faced by the whole Ladakh. 
About the Garbage problem at Choglamsar zampa from 20th March, we will be starting the cleaning campaign. A project will be prepared to find out the ways to manage the garbage at Indus. 
The primary school of Tashi Gatsal has been damaged twice in the flood, on the matter of shifting it to the safer place a recommendation has already been sent to shift it to a state land. Hope it will be implemented soon. 
The problem of up gradation of Kharnakling middle school will be looked upon.  If the enrolled strength is above 5o then it can be upgraded. 
When talking about the problem of electric poles and metre at Gongmaling. A detailed project worth ₹ 15 crores has already been moved from the department which includes transmission line, electric poles and transformer.
The project is not only for Choglamsar it will be covered under the Leh Town. Till now there is no solution to the parking problem at Choglamsar Zampa.  
For drinking water: I am planning to take two projects under National Rural Drinking Water Scheme for Choglamsar. In this project, all the areas which have drinking water problem will be covered.
Draining of Choglamsar Tokpo: It is the problem of Saboo and whole Choglamsar area, for this ₹ 47 crores project has already been sanctioned, out of which ₹ 11 crores have been released and some works were also done. Within few days, there will be tender for that. Work of draining the stream and protection band will start soon for the sensitive areas. 
The link road problem of Saboo Ayu will be tackled soon. The tender has already been given.It has already been sanctioned. The problem of drinking water will also be resolved. The demand and need of the local market for the farmers to boost agriculture will be set up soon. 
About the Spituk internal road, a proposal has already been sent to Economic Reconstruction Agency in which the Palam Bridge will also be included. Hopefully, it will be sanctioned soon. 
Some of the highlighted problems of Phay village are the black topping of roads, completion of the motorable bridge, Lift Irrigation system and completion of the internal road which goes through the village.
Looking back to all the issues faced, there are many outstanding so I cannot say that black topping will be completed this year. About the bridge, I have already sent a proposal for permanent restoration. Lift irrigation and completion of the internal road can be seen later.
The main problem of Phyang village is the draining of the nallah. Under Flood Management Programme the pending works will begin in two to three days. Black topping of the road and the permanent restoration of the two motorable bridges has been kept for this year. 
Thousands of projects have been taken up in a very low budget. I am planning to hold a meeting with all the village head and will decide on the work that needs to be prioritised. Within one or two years the major work will be completed. Right now there are some projects where the estimated cost is ₹ 50 lakh - ₹1 crore but they have kept 10 thousand which is impossible to complete. 
Talking about the education in my constituency there are four Schools that has been taken by Hill Council as a model school. Two to three more schools are left so I am planning to make the rest of the school as model schools. 
Delimitation of the constituency is important and I have asked the Nambardars of different villages to get the updated data of house hold and population.
While residents of Choglamsar such as Tashi Thongsmon, Gongmaling, Kharnakling, Police colony and Tashi Gatsal, complains about better infrastructural amenities especially in terms of quality roads, sewage and sanitation facilities.
Parking and water shortage are major problems faced by the residents along with the hefty traffic on the road. The Choglamsar zampa have turned into traffic choke point that needed immediate traffic regulation. Although a heavily populated area, residents here lack drinking water facility, stray dog problem.
Repeated requests to the authorities have been made to clean the Indus garbage and parking facilities which did not yield results, one of the Nambardar said. 
Councillor Phuntsog Dorje pointed out that due to the shortage of funds; no major works have been taken up. 
The inhabitants of this constituency say that some sort of developmental works were done for draining of nallah of Phyang and Choglamsar, but work on vital projects is yet to be started.
The dilapidated roads and link roads, ever increasing irrigation problems, electricity crisis, drinking water scarcity, sanitation problems and Government apathy are the main problems the constituency faces.
On the other hand, the Indus River is getting polluted alarmingly, as the shopkeepers dump the waste directly into the river Indus.  Heaps of garbage, plastic bags can be seen on the banks of river Indus at Choglamsar Zampa. This has not only polluted the water bodies but has increased the dog menace also. People have requested the concerned authorities many a time but nothing has changed on the ground.
Civic facilities, better roads and up-gradation of schools are the important issues for people in the Phyang constituencies. Civic agencies need to work better here for improving cleanliness issues in Choglamsar.