Martselang Constituency

By Kunzang Chorol & Pal Thiksay Gobi Leh, Sep 02, 2016
Leh :
Martselang constituency encompasses 7 villages, Shang, Martselang, Hemis, Changa, Stakna, Matho, and Stok. All the villages under Martselang constituency face the problem of water and lack of proper roads.
In Matho village, the demand of the people is blacktopping of roads from Pharka to Shelok and Nilabook circular road. The primary section of Govt. high school needs two additional classrooms and a post for Bhoti teacher.
In Stakna road from Cha Mohala to Labrang Mohala needs to construct properly. 
Goba of Shang village said that Chokdo village which is 5 km stretch from Shang village has no motorable road at all and the people of the village face huge difficulties. Although there is one DSPT, but there is a need of mobile network within an area of Shang village. Lack of water pipeline has forced the village to depend solely on the stream water for the drinking purpose. In summer, the water of the stream gets muddy and is a matter of concern. 
On the other hand, the health sector of the Martselang constituency is running smoothly except for the Changa village, where medical sub center is not registered.
In Changa village, the blacktopping of the road from Maney gyapsa to Phelam mohalla is a prime issue and at the same time, incomplete bridge work of Sintuk mohalla needs to be completed.  The old decayed wooden poles need to be replaced which is causing a threat.   From the total of 120 lines of wooden poles in Changa village, 30 wooden poles have been replaced by the new one.
The problem of roads and water is also the same concern in Stok village apart of this basic problem one of the biggest issue is the rise of river bed which is becoming a threat for the many families in the peak summer season.  A protection bandh is in great need to be saved from disaster in near future.
Jamyang Tsering Namgyal Councillor: I am taking up the issue of the road to Chokdo with full responsibility for making unsurfaced motorable road at least so that the people of village lives and convene like rest of the villages.
Concerning the demand of mobile network connectivity in Shang, I wrote a letter to Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF), who provides widespread and non-discriminatory access at affordable prices to people in rural and remote areas. I am expecting that by this September the tower will be installed. 
Inadequate drinking water facilities are one of the main problems in my constituency. 
In Stok village, a project of ₹464.07 lakh and ₹9.9 crore project of Matho pharka, Yartsa and Thankop has been submitted under National Rural Drinking Water Project to the secretariat of J&K state. In Martselang, there is need of construction of water reservoir tank.
As far as constructing a bridge over the canal of Stakna Hydel Project to connect Changa village from the national highway after re-tender hopefully it will get constructed  by 2016 Naro festival . 
Link road from Nilabook Matho to Jalbak Chuchot has completed few months ago, initiated under CCDF. And regarding the blacktopping of roads in all the villages, I have taken up this matter to all the departments and putting every effort on it. 
The estimated cost of Stok circular road is ₹25 crore, it is submitted under ERA Economic Reconstruction Agency Scheme.
Regarding the stream damaged by the flood in Shang Martselang and Stok restoration is listed under (SDRF) State Disaster Relief Fund.
Lack of well-maintained roads is one of the problems in this constituency.  In the era of modernization and development, we still have a village like Chokdo where people are living with high difficulties because of lack of motorable road.  Maximum of villages is devastated by the flood.
Drinking water is yet another issue and the biggest problem faced like rest of the constituency. Stream water is the main source for drinking water in almost all the villages. Proper hand pumps and water pipeline needs to be installed.
The village representative claims that every summer the sources of drinking water are contaminated. There’s no help from the local government or any other till date. Rural water supply needs to be accelerated. At some places, the water pipes are laid but there is no water supply.