By Kunzang Chosdol & Nawang Palkit Leh, Apr 05, 2017
Leh :
Unlike most of the constituency, people of Korzok constituency of Changthang region, being nomads they keep on moving four times in a year from one place to another for livestock grazing, the problems is different as compared to the rest of constituencies.
The major issue is the migration from rural to urban areas, road connectivity, the absence of fodder bank, improper electricity, stocking of ration and drinking water.
Talking about the telecommunication service, the whole constituency is depended upon DSPT system, people demands for mobile towers. Samad Rokchan being at the centre of the national highway, mobile tower installation at Kyangchu-thang will benefit the passenger travelling on national highway and trekkers. The people of Chumur and Tegazong are also demanding mobile tower.
In most of the places, people melt ice for drinking water, some fetch water in the car and some are depended on limited spring water. So there is a need of hand pumps in many of the places like Angkung, Sumdho, Chumur, Tegazong, Korzok etc.
Samad Rokchan being at the centre of Leh-Manali road, the medical centre needs to be upgraded because being at the centre of the national highway, it can’t meet the demand of patients or mishap on the highway. In Korzok, medical sub-centre has upgraded to the primary health centre, but there is no doctor. 
However, they are demanding for road widening and up gradation from Mahay to Debring which is an alternative road to Leh, they are also demanding the repairing of 57 kms long existing road from Mahey to Korzok. In Chumur, there is also a need to repair the road from Tarla to Chumur.
Construction of Solar Power Plant in Chumur village is incomplete. Currently, the people are depending on the solar lantern. 
People of Teghazong and Phirtsey being a nomad demands fodder bank because they have to keep the fodder stock for the livestock. 
The traditional grazing lands of the villagers are covered by Indian army and ITBP settlements which have caused lots of problem to the people. People demand trade centre in Chumur which will create a proper boundary for India and China and also an alternative source of income for the nomads. 
Councilor, Gurmet Dorjay: In this tenure, the main priority is education and I am going to work on the upgradation of schools to provide quality education. Secondly, I am going to work for the upliftment of nomads by providing every facility in order to stop the urban migration. And thirdly, telecommunication and road are the main things that need to be developed. 
Under Ministry of Home affairs, ₹650 crore has been sanctioned for the overall development of eastern Ladakh and hopefully, it will get in the coming month. Through this, I am going to cover the entire village to meet their demand. Under this fund, basic facilities like three-sided rooms, solar power plants, drinking water facilities, medical centre etc will be provided.
Regarding the completion of 60 km long blacktopping of the road from Leh-Manali junction to Kharnak, I have taken up the matter and it will be completed soon in the near future. The alternative road to Leh that is 70 km from Mahey to Dripring is going to be upgraded and widened by BRO (Border road organization) in the working season. However 30 km from Mahey to Korzok has been blacktopped and for further up gradation, a DPR of worth ₹84.00 crore has been submitted under PMGSY in 2013. It got sanctioned but the work does not start till now. I have kept the up gradation of the road from Tarla to Chumur under BADP and soon it will get completed. 
Drinking water is also the main problem in most of the villages, I have taken up this issues and going to install hand pumps in the coming days. For drinking water in Chumur, under BADP scheme, a DPR of ₹34 Lakh has been completed. And for another village, I am going to install pipelines and hand pumps according to the feasibility of the place.  
Regarding the limited facilities in medical sub-centre at Samad-Rokchan and Thukjey Gonpa, we are planning to upgrade it to the primary health centre. 
For telecommunication, the Ministry of home affairs has recently sponsored 28 towers for eastern Ladakh, and I have included the needed tower for my constituency under this and will start the work this summer.
Regarding the fodder bank demand in Tegazong and Phirtsey, it will be done under ₹650 crore for eastern Ladakh. 
In addition, my constituency being famous for livestock and pashmina, I have worked for pashmina development and in future, my plan is to work on it as the main priority. Also, I have talked to many concerned people for further development of it.
After talking with the Councilor, we came to know that Korzok constituency being the coldest region is famous for Pashmina production. The Councilor is going to work for further upliftment of the nomad under eastern Ladakh development fund. However, the people being not residing at one place permanently they face more problems in terms of everything as compared to other villages of Ladakh.
Since maximum people of the constituency are depended on livestock as their main source of income. Making available of fodder, fodder bank, nomad shelter and stopping people migrations toward the city is one of the main priorities of the Councilor.
Earlier, the education system in these regions was not successful due to frequent movements of their camps. In the year 2004, the Centralized Residential Nomadic school in Puga village was established where students from entire constituency study in this school.