ARE THE CANINES SAFE IN LADAKH? Is there a golden future for them?

By Stanzin Zyanfan Leh, May 24, 2014
Leh :
Yes! I agree that there had been a number of cases in which people are bitten but rarely killed by dogs. But you just think when a child is killed or even bitten by some dogs how much havoc or rumour is created, it just spreads like a wild fire clearing everything that comes in its way and similarly the rumour washes the brain of the people making their hearts black and hard like a coal and just then a hasty flood full of hatred towards the dog, splashes the heart making it stubborn and injects such a venom which is enough to make a man brutal, but all this calamities had never occurred, not occurring and will never occur when an innocent young of a donkey roaming the streets at night with its mother killed brutally by dogs. When I wrote this I shaded tears of blood. Let's just keep the emotions away.

Now let's look at the problems faced by dogs in the past few years. Let's take the example of Spituk where a small girl was killed mercilessly by dogs and then everyone in that area were armed with knives and wooden clubs with the intension of killing them. Tell me, did the killers of Rajiv Gandhi got death sentence in the court. NO! They were awarded with life imprisonment. But what about the dogs who hardly can distinguish between the right and the wrong? Now remember the havoc cause by the flood in 2010, did that kind of disaster happens every day. It took a life toll of more than 150 people and left the rescue team probing for more hundred people, so according to me the cloud burst should be punished, it should be tied to a car and dragged, after that it should be hanged on a gibbet in front of everyone. On reading the above sentences your tummy would ache by laughing and will say "what nonsense". Now let's come back to dogs.

The dogs didn't attacked the girl for food but for their territory. Every animal from a tiny sparrow to a giant lion have their own territory which they guards. It is same with every country the political boundaries mark its territory and the country guards it. In the year 2013 Chinese troops entered Indian mainland and settled there for days in Daulat Beg sector and the Indian soldiers took steps to get the Chinese kick out. These two situations are same like the dogs attacked the girl and India acted against China. But the girl was killed and the Chinese troop not even got a scratch, why? Because the girl was alone and remember, all your strength lies in your union, all your danger is in your discord as stated by Longfellow in his book 'Hiawatha'. I also came to know from one of my friend that the dogs at Spituk's G.R.E.F. are being killed mercilessly, then packed in sacks and taken away to a junkyard.   

The next problem, which is controlling their population and stopping them from getting, multiplied, is questionable. Those people, who did this kind of work in the past few months, never thought or checked whether the bitch is becoming mother for the first time and she will never be able to feel the bliss of being a mother. Those people who did this kind of works feel as proud as a peacock and they are appreciated by the villagers by thanking them and saying, "You are a messiah sent by god to save us from this beast". They feel very happy when a bitch becomes impotent, totally barren. I am very sorry to say but when their own child is revealed as impotent, how hard it becomes to accept that word. It seems like whole of the Mt. Everest has fallen on their head and they are ruined, they are wrecked and fallen into pieces, but due to their bad luck there is no adhesive to join the pieces again just like the HUMPTY DUMPTY. If we still encourage them to do this kind of stuffs the day is not too far when there would be no dogs left in the picturesque place called Ladakh and the streets would look like forsaken at night when the streets would be lost somewhere in the dark and weird past.

Dogs have to pass through so many difficulties to survive due to the harsh climatic condition and the people are throwing stones at them. People who threw stones at them say, 'We are scared, they bite us, they urinate everywhere in our garden inspite of doing in the barren fields. For the first cause which was people being bitten by dogs and they feel eerie on seeing them therefore they throw stones at dogs. For this I must say that, as a child you must be bullied by someone and you were scared of him/her. Did you throw stones at him/her leave away a stone you not even dared to say a word, do you know why? Because are gutless! But when you throw stone at a dog you just build a castle in the air, thinking that if the dog attacks me I will shoot him to dead later and there would be no one to register an F.I.R. in the police station, there would be no case, no court. But I think that someone is looking, higher than the law......the GOD!!!

The another problem was polluting the garden by urinating. But I think we are in a competition with the dogs. We also urinate shamelessly at Polo Ground which has now become a stinking ground due to excessive urination. Have you ever cast a look at this place, leave this place. If we the humans are polluting someone else property, how can a dog understand. They are doing tit for tat. Before pointing to someone else first clean your own nose and also don't throw stones at them, they gets hurt, there is no one to mend their pain.

These are the words which came right through the core of my heart. Never think that it is someone else problem but one day it will be yours. Mark twain has rightly wrote in his book ‘Pudd'n head Wilson's calendar’, "If you pick a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. That is the principle difference between a dog and a man".
                             SAVE THEM!!!