A strange Political situation

By Kunzang Dolma Stakmo Leh, May 24, 2014
Leh :
We belong to Ladakh, a part of largest democratic country India. Like all other parts of our country, we are also bestowed with certain rights of Indian constitution. One of the important rights is, Right to vote or adult franchise. But are we using this in the right way? Or are we still following the old dictatorship kind of system. Are people of Ladakh ignorant about this right or they may be knowing but do not want to enjoy this right in a meaningful way!

Whatever the reason may be, I see most of the people are not using this in the right way or how it should be used! It is really a wonderful right and we are getting an opportunity to choose our right representative.

Like in other parts of India, here in Ladakh also member parliament (MP) election campaign is going on. By voting one can give power to someone or take that power back. To do so, it is our responsibility to listen to the contested candidates, whether the candidate is contested for the first time or they may have contested earlier or may even have won earlier.

Is it not our responsibility to listen what he wants to convey or what development he wants to achieve or what plan he have for the future of Ladakh. Some citizens are willing to listen, to all the candidates to know what they have in store but unfortunately, they are not able to, due to many reasons.

We as a responsible citizen of India should listen to every candidate, whatever party they belong to. And responsible candidate too should try to reach every corner of his constituency to spread his message. I have seen many people saying "our village belongs to that particular political party and going to support that, then how can we listen to other opposition party’s messages and their so-called ‘manifestos’?" Is there any sense of responsibility? I just wanted to ask what is the fault in listening?

Many people are ignorant and keep blind faith in many villages and whatever our village head says they do according to that, be it in supporting a candidate or any other important decision.  It may be true that some people are misusing their names for their personal gain, the fact remains unknown.

Sometimes campaigners are not allowed to visit in certain villages at all. Whatever, innocent people always became the target. I don't understand how can a person compare between two things and decide the one is better than other without tasting or seeing another either!

Another irony is how come the whole village has the same thinking, view, perspective etc? Even in families thinking varies, all the members of the family have different views, and perspective. Has anybody asked villagers, I think NO. The point is, then how can one say that the particular village is the supporter of particular political party? How?

If above statement is true, then constitution maker of our nation would have not written One Man One Vote rather One Village One Vote. How Sarcsatic?

If we do not care about the right how can we expect to get better representative, better development in the region? Still we have time to think. It is our right to listen, think, and analyse as why we should cast our vote to that particular candidate. Does he really deserves our precious vote, decide and finally cast the vote.
Even then if we still don't find any right candidate then election commission/ government of India have given us one more option that is NOTA (None of the above). One can click the NOTA button, a proper way of rejecting all of them. Many people find it worthless and respond ‘what is the use of standing in a long queue and not voting to any single candidate. But in a way, we are enjoying right in a proper way, we are expressing our wish, it is also a vote. By doing this our vote do not get wasted.

In fact we are all individual-having our own identity, as every one of us got something special which let us show the ‘Power of Individualism’. We each and every citizens should act as an individual, should use right preciously, as a strength, without coming under any force, power of money, or any kind of flatter (sweet talk). Only then we could see this beautiful Ladakh developing in a healthy way.