Another accused arrested in the missing girl case

By Rinchen Angmo Chumikchan Leh, Feb 27, 2015
Leh :
In the ongoing investigations into the case of alleged rape and murder of the missing girl, the Leh Police have arrested another accused. The 16-year old girl was missing since 26 November and her body was found 200-300 mtrs away from her home in brutal condition after two and a half months on 9th February in Thiksay.

The second accused, arrested, has been identified as Kumod Kumar S/o Hari Chandra, a resident Mudal Pratab Ganj, Bihar.He is the same person who calls from Delhi on 27th November around 5:15 in the evening at her home informing them that the girl is now married and safe in Delhi. After which a Police team were sent to Delhi to investigate. 

'Horrific case'

During the investigation, the second accused revealed that the prime accused Saraj-ud-din told him to call at her home. During that time second accused was not aware that she has been murdered. After a week or two, Saraj-ud –din told Kumod, the second accused that he has murdered the girl. Police said, ‘when kumod asked him that why don’t you run he said if I run all the doubt will be on me,” kumod revealed. 

According to the police, both the accused were childhood friends and studied at the same school till 5th class.

During the investigation, Saraj-ud-din confessed that he has murdered the girl on the same day after raping her. And around 3:00 in the afternoon he threw the body into the water channel. But the irony is nobody sees the body even if he dumps the body in the daylight. Police said, “He has planned everything according to time and situation.” 

According to the police, the postmortem revealed that the murder has taken place between 3 days to 3 months. “It is not clearly written in the post mortem report as when the murder has taken place and the doctors presume that it happens between 3 days to 3 months,” said Anayat Ali SHO Police station, Leh.  According to police, her medical examination confirmed she was raped.

Police said the prime accused Saraj-ud-din told that on 26th November the girl was talking to someone on phone and later the Maulvi asked her about that and slaps her and the victim started to bleed from nose and become unconscious. And he said he was angry and took her into the room near Masjid and raped her, said Sajad Ahmad, DSP Headquarters.

After 24 hours when the girl was not found the family members registered a FIR/ No .138/2014 at Leh Police Station on 27 November.

“There was a doubt on the Maulvi whether he was involved in the case or not because of two reasons, first he was a member of the family and secondly there was a call from Delhi. These were the two reasons which deviate the police from the path,” said Sajad.

He has been living with the family since 4 years, but he does not have tenant verification registered at the police station.

A case U/S 366-A, 376, 302 RPC already registered in Police Station Leh against Saraj-ud-din and police officer informed that more sections would be added as the case progresses further.

Perhaps, this kind of the horrific crime has taken place for the first time in Ladakh. And one of hand of the girl is still not found by the police.