A World Record: 9x1001 ft National flag Unfurled at Khardong la

By Tenzin Menkyi Khardong la, Oct 01, 2014
Khardong la :
Soon to claim a world record for longest national flag unfurled on the highest motor-able road in the world; a 9x1001ft long Indian national flag was unfolded at Khardong la on September 16 at around 11am.

Amma Foundation in collaboration with III Element group, two of Bangalore based organizations has arranged a series of Flagathon events and has it themed: Flagathon-5 ‘Sena ke Sath’ this time, which was unfurled it to express solidarity with the Indian soldiers.

K.N.Tripaty, Cabinet Minister of Jarkhand for Rural Development, Panchayati Raj and labor Employment &Trainings, was the chief guest of the event has opened out the Tri-color national flag along with around 200 participants. Group of students from Government Boys School, Chushot; Govt, Girls School, Leh; domestic tourists visiting Khardong la; presented soldiers on duty and many locals enthusiastically teamed up to take part in the event held the Indian National Flag proudly in their hand for more than 30 min along with stretching it around the summit.

Indian National Anthem was sung, followed by shouting of slogans and watchwords with full gusto in praise for India.

“Chinese behavior is intolerable (border issues) causing nuisance to people of India. Thus, to show solidarity with the people of India, especially our soldiers at Ladakh region, we are unfolding our flag” said K.N. Tripaty.

Acharya Raghu, who represent both the group form Bangaluru said in his briefings about the event that: “we take it as a task to use our national flag to inculcate sense of feeling of nationalism within the fellow citizens. Since, Ladakh shares borders with both China and Pakistan, we know that the solders relentlessly put up brave acts to secure the borders; we felt it’s prudent to come up here to show solidarity and support them. Thus, this time the flagathon 05 was themed ‘Sena Ke Sath’.