Brokpas celebrate the season of harvest

By Reach Ladakh Correspondent DARCHIK, Nov 11, 2016
To rejoice the second crops, the Brokpa people of Darchik celebrated the Maanthana –the great harvest festival.

Lasts for 3 days, the festival celebrated before the harvest. During this festival they sing and dance. Unique Dard songs are sung which relates to their belief in the prehistoric days when the Gods and Human lived together. Both Brokpa men and women in their best traditional dress specially the beautiful Brokmos (Brokpa women) in their finest and heavy jewelleries enthusiastically participate in the festival and sing and dance.

Brokpas have always been a proud community. They had remained independent and self sufficient until quite late. There is a popular saying among Brokpa ” Dogs will not carry a load, Brokpas will not perform beggar.” Music and dance are the way of Brokpa’s life...thus happiness easily comes to their way of living.