3 days Folk music workshop concludes in Leh Culture revival and promotion is possible if the younger generation shows interest and values it, says Mipham Otsal

By Stanzin Dasal Leh, Oct 13, 2021
The participants of the three days folk music workshop during the closing day at Lotsava Auditorium, Cultural Academy, Leh.
Leh :

The Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, UT Ladakh, and Musical Society of Ladakh organised three days folk music workshop from October 8 to 10 at Lotsava 
Auditorium, Cultural Academy, Leh.

Around 35 youths participated in the three-day workshop and learned the importance of folk songs in the culture of Ladakh.

Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardee, Mipham Otsal, Director, Ladakh Theatre Organsiation was the chief guest during the concluding day. He appreciated the performance of young participants who enthusiastically took part in the workshop.   

He said, “Ladakh is worldwide famous for its rich culture and tradition and it is the only asset and value which needs to be carried forward, promote and keep it intact along with changes. Change is important but it should not be accepted at the cost of our identity. We need to hold high the identity of Ladakh along with all sorts of development and changes. The culture revival and promotion is possible if the younger generation shows interest and values it.”

Talking about the modernization, Mipham Otsal said “In the time of culture disaster, the younger generation of Ladakh can bring the revolution. Now is the time of the young generation and it is them who can carry forward the age-old tradition and culture passed down by our ancestors.”

He further appreciated the traditional music instrument players for their contribution in keeping alive the culture and stressed the young artist from Ladakh to study and master music.

Tsewang Norbu, President of, Musical Society of Ladakh expressed gratitude to all the supporters who made the three days workshop possible. 

He said, “ Learning culture in three days is not possible but the step is initiated to attract more youths to learn folk songs and music, understand their value and promote it along with modern songs. We need to value our tradition and culture along with modernization.”

The participants of the workshop were mentored by Padmashree Awardee Morup Namgyal, renowned Surna player of Ladakh Ali Mohd, and four other traditional musicians. 

Appreciating the participants, Morup Namgyal stressed the need to carry forward the culture and tradition generation after generation to keep the identity of Ladakh alive. 

He recalled the famous daman and surna players of Ladakh who left the world but have passed down their knowledge to their children who are proudly carrying it forward. He praised the daman and surna players during the workshop, Tsewang Phuntsog, Stanzin Chotak, Tsering Nurboo, and Chimet Gyatso who have carried out the practice of their ancestors and kept it alive.

Tsewang Paljor, Deputy Secretary, Cultural Academy, Leh appreciated the participants and proposed to organise a cultural evening once every month. He said that such an initiative will attract more and more people and will help in further promoting the values and tradition.

The performance by the participants of the workshop held the audience in awe and brought to life the magic of the traditional music of Ladakh.