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Thousands of people gather to celebrate Dalai Lama’s 82nd birthday in Ladakh
By Stanzin Dasal, Monday, July 17, 2017

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama celebrated his 82nd birth anniversary on July 6 at Jevetsal, Shey. Thousands of people gathered and celebrated the moment and prayed for His Holiness good health and long life.

The celebration was organised by the Tibetan community in Ladakh and Ladakh Buddhist Association.

His Holiness expressed gratitude for the celebration, wishes and prayers for long life. 

Imparting noble advice to the students, His Holiness said, “The past is past, never regret, we can’t change it, but the future can be shaped and it is in our hand.  To make future better it is very important to develop a compassionate heart and the use of the mind in better things”.

Stressing on overcoming hatred and anger, His Holiness said, “It is not important which faith or religion you follow or believe, what is important is to develop compassionate heart, love and kindness, forgiveness and patience in life.”   

Wishing His Holiness, Tsewang Thinles, LBA President said, “We are very fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity of celebrating His Holiness 82nd birthday here in Leh with him. The good health and long life of His Holiness are not only important for the people of Tibet and Ladakh but to the entire world for peace, compassion, brotherhood and harmony among the people.”

Dr. Sonam Dawa, CEC  expressed gratitude to His Holiness for the blessing and for celebrating His Holiness 82nd Birth Anniversary with the people of Ladakh.
He said, “People of Ladakh are blessed to get the teachings and advice of His Holiness and are also putting every effort to practice and implement in our day to day life. Over the years, Ladakh has witnessed development in terms of infrastructure and also morally and spiritually.”

“ The teachings of His Holiness is not only making a positive impact in the life of people who follow Buddhism but has also created a special bond and harmony among the people of different faiths of the region.  Thus, spreading the message and also setting an example of communal harmony, peace and prosperity to the world”, he added.

Dr. Dawa also seeks special blessing from His Holiness to control his temper and frustration.

Congratulating and stating people of Ladakh very fortunate, Sikyong Dr. Lobzang Sangay, Tibetan Prime Minister said, “It is indeed a very joyous moment for the people of Ladakh in getting an opportunity to celebrate His Holiness birthday with him as a person. And also, His Holiness visits Ladakh every year and imparts teachings”. 

Dr. Lobzang Sangay thanked His Holiness leadership because of which the Buddhism has revived back in Tibet and the Himalayan region which has kept the identity alive and recognised. 

He further added that the people of Tibet and His Holiness are inseparable. “As long as Tibet and its people are there, there will be Dalai Lama to elevate the sufferings of Tibetan people and Buddhist all over the world”.

Khenpo Sonam Tenphel, Speaker, Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile also spoke on the occasion. A colourful cultural program was also presented by the students of different schools. 

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