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Revival of old Ladakh: Traditional food and craft exhibited in Leh
By Kunzang Chosdol, Saturday, September 2, 2017

To revive the traditional lifestyle of Ladakh, the local traditional food and craft exhibition was organised by all religious women association from August 25 to 27 at Spalkhar Thoms, (Main market), Leh. 

The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Sonam Dawa, CEC and was organised as a part of yearlong celebration of Gyalsras Bakula’s birth centenary.

Applauding the initiative, Dr. Dawa said, "The exhibition with the glimpses of old Ladakh is very encouraging and motivating for the younger generation as well as to all the people.”

Expressing his gratitude and highlighting the works of Gyalsras Bakula Rinpoche for the upliftment of society he said, “There was a time in Ladakh when no leaders were there to lead and poverty was at its height.  Gyalsras Bakula Rinpoche was the one who showed us the way, and today what we all are and have is all because of him.”
He further informed that in the coming 15 to 20 days the power lines of the main market will be laid underground. With the help of FSTP, the waste water will be treated properly. He asked for public coordination along with the ongoing developmental works to accomplish the dream of clean Ladakh.

Tsewang Dolma, President LBA Women wing said, “The traditional way of living, eating, wearing and living are degrading day by day.  To retain and revive the rich culture and tradition, we organise this exhibition. It is done in commemoration of Gyalsras Bakula Rinpoche birth centenary celebration as he was the one who brought revolution in the society of Ladakh, for the betterment of all people”,

Ashraf Ali Barcha, President Moin-ul-Islam said that Gyalsras Bakula has always shown us how to live in harmony despite different religions and faith. Today, we can actually see the support and cooperation of each other in our society. 

The NAC cleaning staff was felicitated with Khataks for their commendable job to maintain cleanliness in Ladakh.

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