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Poor condition of local porters at Siachen a matter of concern: Nubra MLA
By Reach Ladakh Correspondent, Friday, February 19, 2016

Member Legislative Assembly Nubra Deldan Namgyal in a letter to the Governor Jammu and Kashmir N.N. Vohra acknowledges the Governor about the real tragic condition of the local porters of Nubra valley.
The letter further says that since the inception of Siachen Glacier in 1984 numbers of local porters of Nubra valley had laid down their lives while defending the motherland at the harsh heights of Siachen Glacier. The dead bodies of many local porters were still not recovered and are lying buried under the snow for decades. 
Though many of the officers of Indian Army were rescued by local porters alive on several occasions, but, unfortunately, their life-saving efforts did not get proper recognition and were only given a mere certificate of Honour and no recognition at the national level at all, wrote the letter. 
 In addition to it, many of the local porters had to get amputated due to their falling in the deep crevasses and to get justice, they have to approach the Labour Court for compensation from Govt. of India, which itself is a big hassle for them, says the letter. 
 Whenever the Prime Minister or the Defense Minister visits SIACHEN GLACIER, our Indian Army hides the porters from them, depriving them of putting their grievances before them. 
He demanded equal recognition to all the local porters who have played extraordinary effort in the recent rescue operation in particular at Siachen Glacier.
The local porters engaged at the Siachen Glacier must be paid their salary on time and it must be enhanced by double of current salary, said the letter

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