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Ladags Melong

LADAGS MELONG (Price 20 rupees per copy)
Published By: Melong Publications of Ladakh.

Ladags Melong, the 'Mirror of Ladakh', is a bilingual magazine providing an open forum for all Ladakhis to freely express and exchange ideas, and to spread awareness and information about issues affecting Ladakh. It also keeps our friends in other parts of the world in touch with the region. Ladags Melong aims to revitalise literacy in Ladakh's own language by giving a place of pride and utility to written Ladakhi.

Ladags Melong was started in 1993 with a mission to promote functional literacy and to highlight issue affecting the region and its people. Ladags Melong is committed to inform Ladakhis about Ladakh and about the outside world and how it influences us, so that we can make an informed choice about own future.

Ladags Melong is partly supported by contributing writers, and partly supported by its sales and ads. How can you help? Being an independent medium, Ladags Melong does not accept donations from any individual or organisation. The best way you can help Ladags Melong and yourself, is by buying a copy and reading it, and reading it to those who cannot read. You can also send gift subscriptions to friends, children, and school libraries. You are of course welcome to write for it.

Getting Started in Ladakhi

Getting Started in LadakhiA Phrasebook for Learning Ladakhi by Rebecca Norman.
(Price 100 rupees/ US $ 6.00)
Published By:
Melong Publications of Ladakh.

Getting Started in Ladakhi is an indispensable guide for every traveller who visits our land as friends of Ladakh, more than just a tourist.

As a phrase book it gives you not only the commonly used vocabulary and phrases for different situation in the market, in villages and on treks, etc, but goes a step further to guide you in the dos ad don'ts of Ladakhi culture and manners.

As a beginner's language book it presents the alphabet, grammar and pronunciation in an easy manner, avoiding complicated technical terms. Ladakhi script is used alongside English, which helps in situation where your pronunciation is not understood.

Finally, it serves to bring you closer to Ladakhis and facilitates interaction, without which your visit to Ladakh would be little more than a visit to a museum or a zoo.