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Phuktal Artificial Lake Bursts Suddenly, No Casualties
Destroyed many bridges and fields
By Rinchen Angmo Chumikchan, Thursday, May 7, 2015

Zanskar: The Phuktal artificial lake burst today in Zanskar sweeping away schools, farms and many bridges at various villages. Today around 8:00 in the morning the water reached Phuktal village destroyed the School and Guest house which is run by the monastery. Till now no casualties has been reported.

In Yugar and Cha village fields and launching bridge are damaged.  Two Launching bridge are destroyed in Ichar village. Half of the irrigation lands are also washed away.

In Raru Village a launching bridge which is at a very high height got washed away.

In Pipcha village again a bridge has been destroyed. Within 10-15 minutes it is about to cross Padum village, headquarters of Zanskar sub- division. River side population around Padum has already been evacuated. And also Population of Chilling has also been evacuated. 

“NDMA team has already reached Leh to access the situation and they are about to fly to Zanskar for aerial view,” said Stanzin Lakpa.  Local source, Stanzin Lakpa told that it is a total failure of the NDMA team. 

He told that they have informed the higher authorities. 





Romesh Bhattacharji Says-   Thursday, May 7, 2015
 Why was not the height of the blockage chipped away all these months, so that the waters could have been let out in a controlled way? I recall that an NDMA team had gone there in winter. What did they do?