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Local Medical Practitioners

The traditional medicine practice of Ladakh is called Amchi system, based on Tibetan system of curing the diseases. It is believed that Buddha himself revealed this system of healing in a form called Medicine Buddha (Sangay Manla). The practitioner of this medicine is called Amchi in Ladakh and there are many of them found practicing today curing ailments of great number of patients from every corner of Ladakh, despite presence of well run modern government hospitals. Amchi system is even gaining popularity among the increasing number of foreigners, for its organic and toxic free values with no side effects.

A large number of Amchi practitioners in Ladakh today are struggling to get their system recognized by the Govt. of India in the lines of Ayurvedha, Unani etc. Their long drawn struggle has not brought any result yet, but the Medical Department in Leh has a Amchi section in their main hospitals of the town. Centre govt. too has an office for Amchi research, however, this centuries old and much acclaimed practice is yet to get full recognition as a complete system of medicine independent of what it is being considered as an offshoot of Ayurvedha.

The Tibetans settle in Ladakh have set up a fully fledged medical centre based on Amchi system called Mentse Khang in the Leh town, where routine check ups, diagnose and cure take place, and medicines are available.

Traditionally, it has been a family profession with father practicing this system passing the knowledge and skill to his offspring. But today there are many aspirants who pursue professional degrees at Amchi college at Dharamsala. Already, many passed outs are running private Amchi clinics in Leh successfully.