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Letter submitted to CEC to ban firecrackers immediately to curb pollution
By Reach Ladakh Correspondent, Saturday, December 24, 2016

A plea letter to impose a ban on firecrackers in Ladakh was submitted by Councillor Martselang, Jamyang Tsering Namgyal on 14 December to CEC, LAHDC Dr. Sonam Dawa.

The society of Ladakh has been witnessing and following a trend of burning firecrackers as a part of celebration causing damage to the fragile ecosystem.

He said, “It is a time to make a practical implication of “Save Environment” saying, the nuisance of firecrackers should, therefore, be immediately banned making it one crucial step towards environment protection and to make Leh-Firecracker free region.”

With its suffocating smoke, air tearing noises, waste of the burned firecrackers, it contributes massive environmental damages be it air, land and noise pollution. 

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