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Ladakh Oxygen Plant wins Innovative Business of the Year award at India Business Awards, 2018
By Reach Ladakh Correspondent, Saturday, July 14, 2018

Vicki Niaz, CEO & Founder and Mohd Iqbal, MD, Ladakh Oxygen Plant, were awarded with Innovative Business of the Year at India Business Awards 2018 held at Taj on June 24 in Bengaluru.

Vicki Niaz said that the Oxygen Plant was initiated in Leh in the year 2010 and was extremely hard to operate the machinery at such High Altitude. The Lightweight aluminium portable oxygen cylinders were initiated and introduced in 2012. 

Vicki Niaz and Mohd Iqbal started selling, filling and renting out oxygen cylinders for tourists. The oxygen cylinders are a boon for the tourists suffering from Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). People also take cylinders as first aid kit on tours in Ladakh.

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