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Ladakh celebrates Losar with great pomp and show
By Stanzin Desal, Thursday, December 24, 2015

Leh: Losar the New Year of Ladakhi was celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness on 12th December in Ladakh. 

Losar is one of the most important social occasions in Ladakh.  On the day, the elders of the family are greeted with Khataks and presents blessing.  It is said that earlier Ladakh celebrated Losar with the Tibetan in the 12th month. But King Jamyang Namgyal had to leave for war in Skardo; Ladakh had to celebrate the Losar 2 month before. As such the custom of celebrating it in the 10th month prevailed.

As a customary, Ladakh Buddhist Association (LBA) members lead by President Tsewang Thinles, Youth President Rinchen Namgyal, Women Wing President Tsewang Dolma and other executive members, LAHDC CEC Dr Sonam Dawa, EC Agriculture Tsering Wangdus, Upper Leh Councilor Lobzang Nyantak and general public assembled in the Chowkhang Vihara  to unveil the Prayer Flag “Tarchen”. 

With traditional music and dance at the Vihara courtyard, people welcomed the New Year with a good hope.
LBA youth wing in collaboration with Shenam Stangstrung Tsogspa, Positive Heart Band and 4C Band, organized a musical show at the main market on 14th December. 
This has been celebrated from the past few years with an aim to provide a platform to the youngsters of Ladakh to show their talents, secondly an effort to divert the mind of the youngsters away from alcohol.

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