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Exhibition unveils rich culture of Ladakh in Gya
By Rinchen Angmo Chumikchan, Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Gya: Gya one of oldest village of Ladakh was brought alive in an exhibition depicting simple life of a village on 24 October. It was organised by Ama Tsogspa of Gya , Sasoma , Rumtse and Lato Rong, Nambardar, Tisserla paix and Himalayan Film House.

The main aim of this exhibition is to make Gya a living village rich in culture and tradition and secondly a sustainable village as most of the women work as BRO labours. So, to make them sustainable they are focussing on cash crops from the next year. 

Around 37 delegates from France visited Gya village who were here in Ladakh for cultural exchange programme. Christain Modelet has been conducting cultural exchange programme from 35 years between Ladakh and France. First they conduct CEP with Lamdon, Nubra , Thiksay and now Gya.

The exhibition display included weaving, shoe making (papu), stone carving, preparing local dishes such as chu tagi, mok mok, zhatsot and paba , spinning yarn etc. 

The villagers explained the evolving trends and issues concerning the Ladakhi society through their display of exhibition.

Welcoming the guest Karma Sonam Rumtse said, “Christain Modelet and Stanzin Gya are the main soul supporter of this exhibition and without their help it would have not been possible for them to organise this exhibition. Ama Christain has been helping the women group of Gya in many ways. An exposure tour to France and Spiti has been organised by her. In which 104....110 women were trained in Spiti as these two areas are geographically same. Within 17 to 18 years Spiti brought a revolution in agriculture by cultivating green pea. Today people of Spiti earn 1 lakh to 5 lakh from Green Pea and cash crop. And the Mahila mandal of Spiti and youth from Kibber have promised to help us.” 

Stanzin Gya said, “Gya is culturally rich and we want to set an example to other villages in Ladakh.In the coming years we are planning to make a big animal festival.” He expressed his gratitude to ama tsogspa and the whole villagers for organising this event. First we have to see a vision and vision can be good or bad our ancestors did a lot for us and we should preserve it for the younger generations to come. We want our village to be unique from others village in Ladakh.  I am happy to hear that from next year we are planning to cultivatating green pea.”

The world wide fund Department distributed solar light for shepherd of Gya. 

The delegates from France are very happy to be here in Ladakh. They said, “We have learn a lot from Ladakh and we have formed an association by the name Vercors Ladakh. We are here to enhance our friendhip and to learn from each other. Students from France wanted to learn from Ladakh so that they can convey the message to France and bring a lot of change in one’s life."

They have brought a Plant Sapling from France which was presented to the Chief Guest, Tsewang Paljor. 

Tsewang Paljor said, “When we look at the distance,  France and Gya are poles apart but because of some connection we are together today. He assured that the plant will be a sign of Friendship between France and Ladakh and from our side we will never let it die and take care of the plant.” 

He further said, “Our culture is so vast and deep rooted that that one can only see it within a limited time but cannot not understand it. It is not tangible and it is deep rooted in our blood. One can wear Ladakhis dress but cannot become a Ladakhi who are known for rich culture. We have to encourage those people who work for the growth of society.  I feel one’s progress is good but progress of society as a whole is much better.”

Sharing her views Christain Modelet said, “Yes, of course we would love to continue cultural exchange programme in Future in Ladakh and it’s been 35 years between Ladakh and France. And asking about how you feel about Ladakh she said, “I am here in Ladakh for almost 5 months in a year, and if it is possible I would love to spent seven months or the whole year in Ladakh. Talking about the culture of Ladakh she said, “Ladakhi culture is a beautiful, but I am very afraid you will lose it soon. This village is the last village who keeps a good show but already in Leh it has almost disappear. Now Leh is like a western city but Gya village has still left with some culture. But I don’t know what will happen within 20 years because children are also going to School and they are losing their roots and I always try to push people to not lose their roots.” 

And at the end student from France performs a dance show and mesmerise the audience.

Among other guest who were present on the occasion were Thinles Dawa , Agriculture officer,Tashi Nurboo, Councillor, Pushpinder from WWF Department.




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