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Dharma Centre inaugurated in Choglamsar
By Kunzang Chosdol, Thursday, November 2, 2017

Reformation of All Ladakh Gompa Association after 2 long years on September 12, Thiksay Khanpo Rinpoche, Ngawang Chamba inaugurated Dharma Center, on October 21 in Choglamsar.

Khanpo Rinpoche expressing gratitude over the reformation of LGA said, “There has been an issue within the monks of different sects due to which the association has remained defunct for some years and now it is fortunate that it got resolved”.
Talking about the importance of strengthening the association and developing the relationship of monks he said, “In the past, though monks did not have a good education as compared to today but ,there used to be a very cordial relationship between each and every monasteries. Today, we have good numbers of educated, qualified monks and the only need is to bring more peace, understanding, and unity among ourselves”.
He appreciated the effort of Ladakh Buddhist Association in resolving the issue of Gompa association.
Talking about the construction of Dharma centre and its facilities for the monks, Ven. Lobzang Samtan, President LGA said that Dharma Centre should become the centre for every monk of all sects where they can collectively live and conduct prayers, meetings, and teachings altogether.
The residential facilities will be shortly made functional for the old monks in the centre itself.
He also suggested that in the coming days, a hostel for the monks who are going to school and college can be constructed under the premises of Dharma center which consist of 100 kanals and 7 Marlas where seminar and workshop can be organised in this centre.
Chering Dorjay, Minister of Cooperative and Ladakh Affairs said, “During UPA government, Ambika Soni, Minister of tourism and culture sanctioned ₹6 crore for construction of this Dharma centre. It aimed to bring the monks of all sects into one platform where we also have old age house for monks. There is a need to make it functional as there is a complete facility for it.”

Rigzin Jora, MLA, Leh said, “I hope that the Dharma Centre which cost ₹6 crore will be the common platform for monks of all monasteries and sects in Ladakh. The responsibilities for proper maintaining and functioning of Dharma centre lies in the hand of LGA”.
Dharma Centre, Choglamsar was constructed in connection with the 2550th anniversary of Mahaparinirvana of Lord Buddha with the funding from Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.

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