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Dalai Lama interacts with Muslim community, visits Eidgah
By Morup Stanzin, Tuesday, August 1, 2017

His Holiness Dalai Lama states Indian Muslims can collectively make efforts to create peace in the world during his visit to Eidgah on July 26 in Leh.

His Holiness said, “Believer of any faith or non-believer, all is human being and desires for happiness, love and affection from each other.  We need to focus more on kindness to create a happier world. Practicing and following a religion is a personal choice but to live in harmony and loving kindness is a very basic thing.”

His Holiness emphasized that Jehad is to fight against negative emotions within ourselves and true Muslims always respect all creatures of Allah. 

Talking about the communal harmony in Ladakh, Dr. Abdul Qayum, President, Anjuman Moin-ul-Islam said, “Ladakhi are exceptional in maintaining communal harmony, we don’t get influenced by external intolerance. Muslims of this region are putting their best to maintain communal harmony but unfortunately few in the society brings bad name.” 

Expressing gratitude to His Holiness for the visit, Ashraf Ali Barcha President, Anjuman Imamia said, “We are doing our best to follow your advice to strengthen the communal harmony and peace in the society and we pray for your long life.”

On the day, Muslim community also felicitated Tsering Kuzom Gotuk, Jigmet and Motup with Khataks for sparing their private land for Eidgah expansion.  For which, His Holiness termed it as a true gesture of communal harmony.

A book on Ladakh History by Abdul Ghani Sheikh was also released.

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