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Art, Culture and Languages

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Bharatnatyam dance performance a big draw in Leh
By Kunzang Chosdol, Thursday, June 15, 2017

For the first time in Leh, Kathak dancer, Dr. Kshitija Barve shows out her performance on Bharatnatyam dance on June 13 at Lotsava hall, J&K Art, Culture and Language office, Leh.

Dorje Motup, EC works was the chief guest and Dr. Aziz Hajnis Worthy Secretary, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages was the guest of honour on the occasion.
Dorje Motup appreciating Dr. Kshitija’s dance performance said, “Keeping alive such art is very important in today world as people are busy and ignored the traditional arts, culture and values. These are the things which create identity of our in the world, so the younger generation should take interest in reviving and showing concern for it is the need of hour,”

Dr. Kshitija Barve said that Bharatnatyam is not only an art, but is devotion and through the medium of dance we try to get close with the faith and devotional god. 
Dr. Aziz Hajnis worthy secretary, J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages said that he is glad to see the student to witness the Bharatnatyam dance, because the new generations are running away from the classical and traditional arts and more into modern dance which keep them away from their own culture, tradition and way of living.

“This classical art are very rare and is seems to be declining, such art should carry out as a part of life by the younger generation,” he added.
Tsewang Paljor, Special officer for culture, G1 said, “This is for the first time, apart from local traditional dance, we have get a chance to witness Bharatnatyam dance in this hall”

Bharatnatyam dance performance was continued for two days in the Lotsava hall.

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