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Leh bazaar to be no traffic zone
LAHDC proposes strict traffic regulation ahead of tourist season

By RLC | Monday, April 11, 2011

Looking at the dismal state of the Leh town especially in view of the increasing traffic suggestions are invited from the participants in order to gear up for the coming tourist season and be ready with a regulatory system, which is once implemented would then work sustainably, and it has become imperative as tourists from all over the world visit Leh in summer. 

Rigzin Spalbar, CEC, LAHDC Leh said this in his opening remark of the meeting he called over the LAHDC's proposed plan to bring in strict traffic regulations in the Leh town much ahead of opening of roads in their bid to avoid chaos and congestion witnessed during peak summer months. LAHDC has come up with a specific plan to achieve this, which was presented by Ms. Deepika heading the local NAC department before particpants including DC Leh, Addl. SP Leh, concerned Army officials, local tour operators and hoteliers among other stakeholders at the Leh Conference hall today.

Some of the major steps being taken are making the main street of the Leh market no traffic zone while creating alternative routes through the Old Leh town, and enforcing one-way traffic regulation system with specific entry and exit points on different roads leading to the main market. CEC opined that in order to revive the heritage value of the Leh town concerted efforts must be taken. The process may involve removal of buildings, trees, walls coming in the way of widening of roads at some important points such as protruding wall of Moravian Church and trees, govt. and private buildings in old town etc. E S Gergan of Moravian Church expressing his willingness to cooperate said such measures, however, must be duely compensated on the bases of 'land for land'.  Similarly, Councillor Lassu Shafi welcomed LAHDC initiative and promised to extend his support.

Similarly, LBA Vice President Mr. Stobdan also offered using a specified land as a tentative parking lot until permanent arrangements are made. The proposed plan by LAHDC has also identified parking lots to be auctioned for private opertors. Addl, SP Stanzin Nurboo appreciated the initiatves being taken, however, he was apprehensive that due to the severe manpower shortage with the local police dept. it would be very challenging to implement what he called the 'extended plan' to regulate traffic as it has been observed that despite some 450 challans ensuring the ban of vehicle parking in the Leh market violations take place the moment policemen are out of sight. He said, as the summer approaches the security wing of the police also has to be beefed up.

Other important decisions taken in the meeting were to enforce relocation of work  shops along the airport road, shutting down sabzi mandi lane for traffic and in the long run entire Leh market will be made no traffic zone.        

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