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Alternative skilled-based winter camp for students in Kanji concludes
By Reach Ladakh Correspondent, Thursday, February 7, 2019

With the participation of around 93 students, a month-long alternative skilled based winter camp was concluded on February 5 in Kanji village.

The winter camp was organised by Youth Association of Kanji – YAK . The camp was facilitated by 20 college graduates from different fields with assistance from village skilled individuals. 

The camp was focused on introducing new skills among the kids including Ice Hockey, archery, folk songs and dances, traditional knitting of Pashmina and wool, storytelling, English speaking, computer It, movie making, yoktho & spuruk spinning, science builds and others.
Rigzin Spalgon, President, Youth Association Kanji said,  “The main aim of the Alternative skill based winter camp is to enhance a sense of fun learning, inheriting the traditional values and making the winter vacation valuable for the kids.  Also, it helps in reducing stress among the kids from the heavy burden of bookish knowledge."

This is the 2nd edition of such camp in the village. YAK was inspired to host it with great support and response from the kids and villagers from the outcome of the 1st version in 2017/18.

Best performers of the camp, supporters and donors were apprised and felicitated. 

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