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A step towards reviving polo game, Ladakh Polo Festival commenced in Chushot
By Stanzin Dasal, Tuesday, July 18, 2017

With an aim to revive polo game and to list the name of Chuchot village on the tourism map, the annual week-long Ladakh Polo Festival was held from June 11 to 17 in Shagaran, Chuchot Gongma, Leh.  The festival was organised by Indus Chuchot Polo Club. 

Mumtaz Hussain, EC Animal and Sheep Husbandry congratulated for organising the festival successfully. He said that an effort is being made to make Chuchot an important place from the tourism point of view.    

Tundup Dorjey, President, Indus Chuchot Polo Club in his welcome address said, “The Ladakh polo festival is being organised for the second time and the main motive behind the festival is to revive the age old game Polo which has its historical importance in Ladakh.  Along with the revival of polo game, it also aims in promoting tourism in the village.”

Briefing about the main activities and work in which the Indus Chuchot Polo Club will be engaged, he said that a guide training will be provided to the youths who are school dropout and an opportunity will be provided to the household who are interested in providing homes stay facilities. He asked the interested youth and people to get their name listed in the office of the Indus Chuchot Polo Club. 

He further seeks help and support from the Council to develop the Shagaran well equipped and enhancing it as a stadium for every kind of sports.

Ashraf Ali Barcha , President, Anjuman Imamia urged people of Chuchot to support and work for making the festival successful in the long run. He said that the result and positive impact of the festival will be seen only after few years.

Taking the example of the Shagaran, he said, “It is a historically important place which was left abandoned by the people years back. In the name of this festival, the ground has been developed and revived which will prove beneficial to the people of Chuchot specially in terms of culture and economy.”
Ashraf Ali Barcha stressed the importance of preserving the age-old culture and tradition to keep the identity and value alive. 

Sayeeda Ladakhi, Nominated Councillor expressed happiness to see people understanding the value of culture and tradition. She said reviving of polo game is indeed a very good initiative carried out through this festival.

She also urged people of Chuchot to work together with no differentiation towards the road to development, peace and harmonious society.
Mohammad Abbas, DFO, Leh congratulated and expressed gratitude to Tundup Dorjey for his initiative and concern for the society.
Cultural programs, archery, polo match, exhibition stalls attracted tourist and locals.

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