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3rd traditional archery competition held in Tia
By Stanzin Dasal, Monday, May 1, 2017

The 3rd traditional archery competition organized by United welfare society, the youth of Tia was held on April 23 at the community hall, Tia village, Leh. 

EC Agriculture Tsering Angdus was the chief guest of the occasion. Councillor Tingmosgang constituency, Tsering Motup along with Goba Stanzin Chotak and villagers were present.

EC Agriculture, Tsering Angdus said, “Maximum people are dependent on agriculture and it becomes very important to develop agriculture as per modern needs and demand.” 

He focused on the cultivation of crops which is in demand and has more value like buck wheat other than regular crops.  He said, “It becomes important to focus on the cultivation of crops which has higher economic value in order to make sustainable and boost the interest in agriculture activities among everyone.”

On the growing unemployment issues, he encouraged and stressed the youths to go for different agriculture activities for sustainable development.  He informed about various opportunities and potential which need to be implemented. 

President,  Youth Wing Society,  Thinlay Dorjay briefed about the various initiatives taken by the members. The activity includes controlling the consumption of alcohol, environment cleanliness campaign, culture preservation and development of education sector in the village. He also expressed the importance of internet facility in the village. 

Goba Tia village, Stanzin Chotak highlighted the importance of agriculture and status of it.

Councillor, Tsering Motup appreciated the work of the youth to preserve the archery tournament which is one of the important parts of the age old culture and tradition of Ladakh.  He stressed the importance to encourage and motivate young children who are interested in archery because of the potential and scope of the sport at the national and international level. 

Talking about the agriculture practice, he informed that Tia village has stopped using artificial manures and fertilizers in their fields from past two years, which is one step towards organic.

Councilor appealed EC agriculture to propose and plan for the establishment of compost pit at the community level. 

He also talked about the various developmental plans and proposal that has been taken up. 

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